How To Use and Install Facebook Watch on Firestick [2022]

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Did you love to use Facebook on your mobile phone and enjoy watching videos? Now you are wondering if there is any way to install and use Facebook watch on firestick device? If that’s the case then I heard you, because in this article we are going to learn about this amazing application that many people are already asking.

However, from a few days when I heard about this app, I was also searching for a way but couldn’t find anything helpful. In this way, I then thought to make a complete guide on this so I can help my visitors with it. So, in this guide, we are going to learn the whole process to download this app on your TV.

I would simply suggest you to keep reading this article until the very end because there are few things that you need to know before installing. In this way, if you skip any part here then you may not be able to understand it or end up having some issues or get confused over something.

Can You Get Facebook Watch App on Fire Stick

Facebook Watch is a free application that is announced by the Facebook team that is used to stream Live Videos, Lifestyle, Gaming and other sorts of Videos. This is unlike the official Facebook app as instead of posts you will only see videos from pages that you have liked or based on your search term.

Basically, this has first appeared on Facebook Web in the tab section above and then it was announced for mobile devices as well. However, after this feature getting used by many individuals throughout the world that’s the people were missing it on their TVs as Facebook is not available on this.

This is the reason why they launched a completely new application to Android TVs, Set-top boxes, and Streaming Sticks that is now known as the Facebook Watch. So, the question that many people were looking if they can get Facebook Watch app on Firestick or not?

The answer is quite simple which is Yes, you can get Facebook Watch application on Firestick, FireTV Cube etc. Even though downloading this app is a lot easier as it is now officially available on the Amazon App Store.

Install Facebook Watch on Firestick

Now as we know that you can download this app easily I am sure you might be wondering how to install Facebook watch on Firestick? Well! if that’s the case then your wait is finally over because we are now moving towards the installation section so make sure to stick with us.

Since this app is officially available on the App Store that means we don’t need to jailbreak firestick or either doesn’t require to use Downloader app as well. But still, I would suggest you check the screenshots and follow each step or you may end up downloading the different app.

Ok, so here are the steps that you need to follow to install Facebook watch on Firestick:

First, go to the Home Screen and after this from the above menu select Search or Magnifying glass icon.


After going there using the keyboard just type Facebook Watch and then click the first suggestion you see there.

Alternatively, you can press and hold the Mic button for a while and use the command “Alexa, Open Facebook Watch” and you will see the app on your screen.


Ok so after selecting the suggestion from there now you need to select the first app having Blue Background with FB Watch label (as you can see in the below screenshot).


From the next screen, you simply need to click on the Get (Free to Download) button and wait for a while.


Now the app will start downloading and then will be installed automatically so now select Open to launch it.


That’s it Facebook Watch on Firestick is installed and now you are ready to start streaming favourite videos directly on a TV instead of mobile. However, using this app is quite difficult and that’s why I am providing a quick overview guide on it which you can check out from below.

Use Facebook Watch on Firestick

Installing this app is not difficult at all since it is released for Amazon App Store that means anyone can download it. However, this guide was for beginners who don’t know how to download an app on Firestick. Well! as we finally get this app now comes the second part which is how to use Facebook watch on Firestick.

As I said above installing it not a big deal but using this app is quite complicated and that’s why reading this guide could help you with it. For instance, in this section, I am providing you with the steps to bring the icon to the Home Screen, Sign in with your account and some other information.

So, let’s not waste any further time and check out the below steps to use Facebook Watch on Fire TV Stick:

From Home Screen on FireTV scroll down to Your Apps & Channels and then click on the See All button.


So after going there you will see the list of applications that are installed on your device just scroll down and highlight Facebook Watch located at the bottom.

After highlighting the icon press Menu button (3-horizontal lines) and a menu will appear on the right-hand side so now select Move to the front from the menu that appears at the bottom right side.


Now press Back key to go back to the Home Screen and then you will see the Facebook Watch app there just scroll down and then press Select to launch it.

Once the app is launched you will see some videos on Home Screen, also from the left panel you will see different options and menu available. At this time hover to the left panel and then click select Login and after this from right side choose Continue.


When you click the Continue button it will show a Code so now stay on this screen and don’t close it, Using your mobile phone or a web browser on laptop sign in to Facebook account and then open and then you need to type the code that appears on the TV screen and clicks continue.


When you click continue you will be asked for the confirmation if you want to use this account the Select Yes, or Continue whatever option you see there.


Now the app is logged in successfully and Facebook Watch will show Home Screen and you can see your profile picture on the left panel.


That’s it you are now able to watch Videos from your liked pages, the topic that you are following and even the saved videos. This is really amazing you can open a different section from the left-panel.


This is the simple and the easiest guide that you can follow to install Facebook Watch on Firestick 4K or FireTV Cube. The method is quite simple and I have provided with the screenshot in case you don’t understand anything. However, make sure to read this article completely or you may end up installing the different app.

Despite this, I have shared a simple and quick overview guide on how to use this app for beginners. If you are new then you should also check that guide where you will learn how to sign in, and overview of some options. In case you missed this then go above and read this article again.

Other than this if you have instead the app but you are having some problem then make sure to write your issue in the comment section below. Despite this, if you want to share any suggestion or want to ask anything else then make sure to ask it, I will be glad to hear from you.

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