How To Install Filelinked on Firestick, Fire TV [New 2020]


As I have listed some Filelinked codes and people are asking How To Install Filelinked on Firestick? So, that’s the reason why I am bringing a complete procedure to the installation of FileLinked with step by step guide.

After reading it you will be able to install Filelinked within a few minutes. Are you excited about this? I am sure you are. So, basically, this is the small application that provides you with access to over millions of free and some paid applications as well.

By just entering the single code its user will be able to download multiple files at a time. These apps are from various providers and are for various types like we can get some best applications for free live TV, Movie apps, Dramas, TV Shows, and many more.

How to Install Filelinked On Firestick

Since this application is removed from the Amazon App Store so it may be complicated to install. Because we need to sideload such application so for this, first we need to allow third-party Apps from firestick,

Step #1: Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

First of all turn on the TV and then boot Firestick, when it boots now simply hover to the above Menu and select Settings.


From the Settings move to the left side and then choose My FireTV.

At this time scroll down to the Developers Options and open it.

Now again move down and hover to the Apps From Unknown Sources section and press the home centre button.

It may show you a warning message so just ignore it and then select Turn On.

Turn On

Now we are ready to move to the installation guide as we have enabled the sideloading of applications. By default, this option is blocked similarly as we see on Android devices.

But after following the above steps it will let its users install any app that is downloaded from the internet instead of the Amazon Store.

Put Filelinked On Fire Stick

Now before we move to the codes, it is highly recommended to understand the complete installation method. It is because some people are still unaware of how they can install any app from a third-party source.

So, similarly, this app is not available on the App Store of Amazon; in this way, we need to bypass some security checks before installation.

Ok, so here are the steps that you can follow to install Filelinked on FireStick device:

Now go back to the Home Screen and, at this time, choose the Search bar (Magnifying Glass icon). Here use the Virtual Keyboard and type Downloader and the open first result you see.


Open the first result you see there and click on the Install button, and it will take some time. Then you will see the Open button is replaced with the Install, so click on it to launch Downloader App.


Now here you will see some notification of the update, so ignore it. Then you see a box with http:// prefix so hover to that box and then type and click Go.


At this time, this will start connecting to the server, and then you see the download progress. It is because the link given above is direct.


When this app is downloaded, then you will see an installation window appears, so click on that install button. Now, after this, when the app is installed, simply click the Open button.


That’s it. The app is now downloaded and installed successfully on your Firestick device. Now you are ready to go, and when you see a box where it asked to enter Code to download apps.


That’s it we have successfully installed Filelinked on our Firestick so here is the link that you can follow to get its code.

How To Install Filelinked Quickly

Now here is the quick guide in which we are going to use the ES File Explorer, which is basically a File Manager however it can be also used as a Download Manager. It is the best alternative method to Downloader app however it is a little bit hard.

Ok, so for this here are the quick steps you can follow:

  1. Open Settings from the above menu.
  2. Move forward and open My FireTV.
  3. Now open the Developer option.
  4. Select Unknown Source and press Yes when asked.
  5. Go back to the home screen and open the Search menu.
  6. Type ES File Explorer and hit search.
  7. Open the first result you see and click Download.
  8. When the download is done click Open to launch
  9. Allow all the permission that asks.
  10. Click 3 line menu on the left side.
  11. Hover to Tool and expand it and then click Download Manager.
  12. On the right-hand click + sign or add (whatever option you see).
  13. Type name as Filelinked and path as
  14. Click Go and wait for a few seconds and then the app will start the download.
  15. When its finish press Open File and then Install.
  16. Filelinked will be installed in a few seconds so just press launch and you are ready to go.

How to Use FileLinked App on FireStick

As we already understand all the steps to install Filelinked using both Downloader as well as ES File Explorer, even though I shared the guide to update it. But however, still, there are some people who might still not know how to use Filelinked app on the Firestick

Filelinked is an app that works on the basis of some sorts of codes instead of the huge links. It converts any link into a short-code that can be only accessed using Filelinked.

Ok, so after you install this app on Firestick you might be asked to allow some permission so make sure to allow everything you asked otherwise it may start misbehaving. After that, you will see a simple box with a Go button below on it.

All you need to do is copy one of the Filelinked code from any website (including ours) and then paste it there. At this time it will check if the code is correct or not. When the code is incorrect you will see an error however some codes might contain a password so you will be asked after pressing the Continue button.


After completing every step in the next screen you will see everything that is available in that code like Paid TV Apps, Live TV Apps, Sports Channels, Some Useful apps, and many more.


All you have to do is now click on the Download button next to the icon of that particular application. After this, you will see the app is downloading and then it will show the installation window as well.


How To Update Filelinked

Ok, so after installing Filelinked on Firestick it comes the main part of it which most of you might not know. Here in this section, I will tell you the easiest way to update Filelinked without taking much effort. Don’t forget to check all of the steps provided here otherwise you may not get succeed.

Ok, so let’s check out the given below step by step guide:

1. First of all, you need to open Home Screen on your Firestick and then simply click on See All located near your Apps & Channels section.

2. After this hover to the Filelinked logo and highlight it, at this time press the Three Line Button (Menu) on your, and then it will show the menu on the right-hand side.

3. Now from here check if the Update appears below App Info, it that’s available just click on it and then simply press Yes when asked. This will then start downloading the update when you have one and also it will be installed automatically so you have to do nothing.

However, some people might not see this option so for this we have to use the Force Update method in which we download the latest apk using Downloader and install it manually.

Here are the steps that can be used to manually update Filelinked:

1. First, you need to launch Downloader App on your Firestick and after this in the lightbox remove anything if written and simply type

2. Now just click on the Go button and it will start connecting to the server, after a few seconds the app will start downloading automatically.

3. Just wait for a while until the app download completes and at this time you will see the install screen (same as above) so just click Install.

4. In a few seconds, it will be installed so just click Open to launch and see the latest features they have added.

That’s it you can use the same link in a downloader to Update Filelinked as I already upload the latest version.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Filelinked illegal?

Of course not Filelinked is completely legal to be used on any Android platform, it’s just an app that converts a link into a code. This means it doesn’t offer anything by itself and that’s why it doesn’t come with any copyright issue or anything like that.

Can I Download Latest Apps From Filelinked?

Yes, you can download the latest applications directly from the Filelinked but the point is it depends on the owner if He/She has updated the apk yet. You can use my code to download the latest apps easily as I used to update the links whenever I found the latest version of that app.

Is Filelinked Still Working in 2020?

Yes, Filelinked is still working in 2020 without any errors or issues. The old version of this app might not be working as they contain some sort of bugs that’s why they discontinued them.

Is FileLinked Safe?

Of course, Fileinked is 100% safe and secure to use because it doesn’t upload any sort of copyrighted content. Perhaps always make sure to use the code from a trusted website as many of the owners might add the virus which can affect your TV or even steal personal data.


No doubt filelinked is the best service that helps us to download apps and other sorts of files in bulk. It is also best for those who wanted to share some private files without exposing the original link. This app is very simple and unique that anyone can use without having any issue.

After reading this guide I am sure everyone understands how to install Filelinked on Firestick. But even though if you are facing any issue with any step then feel free to ask in the comment section. I will try my best to answer your question and will help you to resolve every problem.

Also, if you just loved my work don’t forget to share it with others because share is caring so keep sharing. It also helps my website to grow and I will be able to bring more cool tips and tricks regarding this FireTV stick.

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