Mouse Toggle Apk For Firestick – Installation Guide [2020]


Are You Looking for a guide that helps you to install Mouse Toggle Apk on Firestick? If yes, then you came to the perfect place as in today’s guide, I am going to share with you step by step guide.

After reading this article, you will surely get this fantastic Application on your FireTV quickly. But before we proceed to the guide, we first have to understand what this Application is and how worthy it is.

Why Use Mouse Toggle Apk?

Mouse Toggle Apk

Firestick is the most famous android based streaming device that is used world-widely. This amazing device supports many applications like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, etc.

Even though as it has the Android Operating System, this means you can install almost every Application of Android phone on this device.

But as we know that Android OS is for touch screen mobile phones, and that’s why most of the apps can be used only with a touch screen device.

In this way, FireTV has a remote control, and with a Remote, we cannot operate these applications. To use these apps, we require this Mouse Toggle application that creates a mouse pointer on your TV.

This can be easily moved from one place to another by pressing your remote keys, and this is compatible with all the Fire TV devices. It is beneficial when you are using a web browser on your TV because every browser requires a mouse or touch interface.

How To Install Mouse Toggle On Firestick

As we know how useful is this Application now, you will surely be wondering how to download and install it on your device? If yes, then don’t worry, I am writing a guide on this below but before we have to set up some things.

Because by default we cannot sideload 3rd-party applications directly so you can follow these steps below to enable sideloading of third-party applications:

Step #1 Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

First of all, connect the Firestick device with TV and then boot your TV after this from the Home Screen hover above and open Settings.


Now move to the right side and then select My Fire TV from the Settings list.


After this, you need to select Developer Options.


At this time, just scroll down and then select Apps From Unknown Sources.


Now simply click on the centre button from remote, and it will open a pop-up menu, so from there, select Turn On and press OK.


That’s it now. We are ready to sideload this Application on our device. To do this, you will be required to follow the below steps carefully.

Install Mouse Toggle Application On Firestick

This is the first method in which we use the great Application called Downloader. It is available on the Amazon Store for free that is used to download third-party applications on your device easily.

This Application also supports browser integration, which means you can also surf any website directly on the TV. But this feature is beta, so it may contain bugs or doesn’t work usually.

OK, enough intro now let’s move to our guide:

As I said, you need first to connect this stick with TV and then hover above and select the Search option.

  • In the search box type “Downloader” (without quotes) and hit the search button.
  • After this, click the first result you see there with an orange colour icon.
  • Now just click the Download button and wait until the app downloads.
  • When it downloads, you will see the Open button, so simply hover to that button and press OK from the Remote control.
  • At this time, the Application will be launched on your TV, and here you will see a simple user-interface with a box.
  • Now you just need to type this address in that box and then hit Go.
  • Just wait for a few seconds, and you will see the Download starts automatically.
  • When the downloads complete, you will then see an installation window appears right after it downloads.
  • Now all you need to do is press the Install button and wait until it installed successfully.
  • After Mouse Toggle is installed on your TV now select Done (don’t click on Open).

When you hit the done button, you will see the Downloader app, and it shows a three-button menu for an app you just downloaded. All you need to do is hover to the Delete button and hit OK to delete this Application.

We are only deleting the downloaded app file, which means it doesn’t uninstall the App. It is necessary to remove all files after installation so we can save storage on Fire Stick.

So, this was the first method of downloading and installing the Mouse Toggle application. In case you don’t like this downloader application or maybe it has some bugs etc. then don’t worry. You still have a second (alternative) method.

Now let’s move to that 2nd method of installing this toggle application on our device.

Method #2: Download & Install Mouse Toggle using ES File Explorer

Open Home Screen of the FireTV and select a Search option from the above menu. Now type the ES File Explorer using the virtual keyboard and then hit the search button.

Again simply click on the download button and after this press Open to launch ES File Explorer.

When the Application is launched, it will ask to set up a few things before. Just set up these things, and now you are ready to go.

OK, so at this time, you will be required to click on the 3 Lines menu from the left side.

Here you will see many options out there, so simply select the tools, and it will open some other options, and from these options, you will be required to click on the Download Manager section.

You will see the empty folder there, so from the right-side below, click on the Plus (+) icon.

Now it will ask to enter the name and the path of that Application you want to download.

So, you have to type this address in the path section and then type Mouse Toggle in the name box area.

After typing the path and the name, just click on the Download Now button from there.

It will then start connecting to the server, and within some time, the Application will start downloading.

When the App is downloaded, it will open a pop-up window with two buttons 1. Open Folder 2. Open File. So, simply click on the Open File option, and it will open the installation menu.

Now, as I have mentioned above, just click the Install button and wait until the app is installed successfully.

After installation, just clicks Done.

That’s it now. We have successfully installed this Application on our FireTV device, so after this, we have to follow some steps to set up this App. There are some settings and some permissions that will be required before using it, so let’s check it out.

Setup Mouse Toggle

Before opening the Application, we have first to enable ADB Debugging, so for this, follow below quick steps.

Open Settings > move forward to My FireTV > Choose Developer Options > Press OK on Enable USB Debugging > Again, click Enable if it shows a warning message.

Now open Home Screen and then find the Mouse Toggle Application from the list. If you don’t see the icon of that App, then simply move to the Your Apps and Channels and click view all.

Here you will find all the installed applications on your device, so simply launch the Toggle Application from there by hovering to it and press the OK button.

When the App is launched, you will see the single screen of that Application with all available options. So, you have simply click on the Start the Mouse service.

After this, you need to enable Auto Start the mouse service on device startup. This means the toggle app will be automatically enabled at the time you turn on the TV.

Don’t worry about the performance as this Application is only of 2MBs, and it doesn’t slow down the performance of the FireTV device.

After this press home button to minimize Mouse Toggle and then open any application that doesn’t support button.

Now to bring the mouse cursor on the TV screen, you have to press the Play/Pause button two times. Here you can see the mouse cursor appears, so using the mouse buttons, you can move it from one place to another.

So to open any link or any file from that Application, just bring the cursor to it and then press the OK button to select. OK, the button will work as the mouse left-click, which helps to open things.

Now, if you don’t want to use the cursor because you have opened another app that supports button, then simply don’t press any button for a few seconds. After this, the cursor will be automatically fade away, and then you can use the remote normally.

To bring back the cursor, simply press the Play/Pause button twice, and you will see the cursor appears again.

How To Scroll Screen with Mouse Toggle

Now, as most people face problems while scrolling the screen using this Application. Because some apps don’t have a simple or a single page, but it has an extensive page that cannot be scrolled with the buttons.

First, open that App you want to use and then press the Play/Pause button twice to bring the cursor.

After this, you need to hover the cursor to an empty area and then press the Play/Pause and Navigation Down button. That’s it now you can do the same thing if you want to go above on that page just simply click Play/Pause and then Press the Navigation Up button.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we know how worthy this Application is but even though you must have some questions in your mind that you are looking for.

If yes, then I have listed some most asked questions around the internet, which you can read and get the answer to it.

I am sure this list will help, and you will get the accurate answer, but somehow if this doesn’t help, then feel free to comment down below.

Q1) Why My Mouse Toggle App is not working?

This is a common issue, so don’t be panic; here are the steps that can be followed to solve this issue.

You just need to open Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options > Turn Off ADB Debugging > Turn on ADB Debugging again.

Now go back to the applications section and find this App and then launch it. That’s it the problem is now resolved so you can use it on your TV.

Q2) How to connect Mouse with Firestick?

In case you don’t want to use this Application and wanted to pair your wireless remote with TV then here are the steps you need to follow:

From Home Screen open Settings > Go to Controllers & Bluetooth Devices > Now select Other Bluetooth Devices > Then choose Bluetooth Add Devices.

After this, simply press the Pairing button in Mouse and wait until the TV finds it. Now you will see the list of the devices available, so simply select Mouse from the list and connect it.

That’s it now you are ready to go and can use your Mouse with your TV by following these steps.

Q3) Is Mouse Toggle Free to use?

No mouse Toggle application is not free; it costs you $2.99 but doesn’t worry, I have shared a link that will provide you free of cost. It is the paid and the updated version of it, which is stable and working perfectly fine on both Firestick devices.


No doubt, Mouse Toggle for Firestick is the best and must-have Application for all users as this provides the facility to use touch layout applications like Web Browser and others. It is easy and simple to use, even though it is light in size and doesn’t occupy much space in the device.

Even this app doesn’t use much RAM so you can use it without facing a performance issue, which is an excellent thing. I hope you understand it entirely and get succeed in installing it.

Somehow if you are still having some issues, then don’t forget to check our download guide and also make sure to read the steps twice.

Also, if you face App not installed issue, then you need to Jailbreak Firestick first, and then you will be able to install it.

If you just loved my work, feel free to share it with your friends and family so they can also get benefit from it. Also, make sure to bookmark this website and check it once every week to get the latest article before anyone else.

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