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Have you just bought a new FireTV device but don’t know how to pair Firestick remote with it? If yes then you came to the right place because in this article I am going to discuss all the proven methods to connect your remote with TV.

There are so many articles are already available on this trick but the method they provide is a little bit hard and some people can’t even understand it. That’s the reason why I am writing it so I can provide my visitors with the easiest method ever.

This is useful for every FireTV device including Firestick 4K, FireTV Cube, FireTV (2nd) gen, and other old versions as well.

How To Pair Firestick Remote

In case you have bought this device recently so there are chances that it pairs automatically. All you have to do is connect it with TV and during first boot, it will be paired at a time. However, in most cases, the connection failed and for this, we have to pair it manually.

To pair Firestick remote manually just follow below steps:

1. Plug the newly bought Firestick (or old one) and boot into it. When you see the remote icon on the TV screen just press and hold Home Button for about 20 seconds.


2. Try it several times if it doesn’t work in the first attempt and make sure to stay with 10 feet distance otherwise the pairing will not work.

3. After this check the lights in remote for example if the light blinks three times it means remote paired successfully.


Also, if it doesn’t have any lights then you have to check it on a TV screen, when it shows remote check under notification “Remote Paired Successfully”.

When you see this message it means the remote is now paired with Firestick successfully and you are ready to use it.


How to Pair a Replacement Remote

If the original remote that is already paired is damage for some reason and you have bought a new one. Then you might face issues with this but don’t worry as I have a solution for this as well.

Just check out below steps:

  • Unplug the Firestick from TV HDMI port and from power adapter as well and wait for 10 seconds to connect it again.
  • After connecting just boot Firestick on TV and on the first screen it will ask to pair new Remote.
  • In this screen press and hold the Home button for 20 seconds until you see remote light blinks 3 times.
  • At this time you will again see the same notification saying “Remote Successfully Paired”.

In this way, we can easily pair any new remote control that is bought separately.

How You Can Use Your Phone as a Firestick Remote

Now just in case you have lost your remote or it is damaged but you don’t have enough time to buy new as your favorite show is about to broadcast. At this point, you may need something that saves time so for this we have another solution.

There is an application that is launched by Amazon itself that can be used as a Remote. It is totally free to use and is free from ads as well.

Ok, so just check out below guide to use mobile as Remote.

Make sure you have an Android device running 4.0 or iOS device running 7.0 version. Also, it is recommended to connect with the same WiFi network.

1. Now open Play Store in Android or App Store in iOS and then search Amazon Fire TV in the search box. Open the first result you see and then click on Install or Get whatever button you see.

3. After the app is downloaded and installed now connect your phone with the same WiFi you are using for Firestick.

4. Now open the application on your phone and select your TV from the list there.

5. After this, you will be asked to sign in with the Amazon account (the same account you are using on FireTV).

6. It will show 4 digits code on the TV screen so using the keyboard type in the application.


That’s it now the application will be connected automatically and you have full access to the mobile phone. It has all the navigation keys and also has the mic icon that can be used for Alexa voice assistant.

Pair Multiple Remotes on Firestick

For instance, you have two remotes for Firestick one in stock that we get with this device and another purchased separately. But now you don’t know how to use them both on the same device.

If this is the issue you are facing, no problem you can follow below guide to overcome this issue:

From Home Screen hover above menu and open Settings.


Move forward and click on Controls & Bluetooth Devices.


From here it will ask which device you want to pair (if its Firestick remote just choose Amazon FireTV Remotes).


At this time FireTV will start searching for nearby devices so you have to press and hold the Home button for 20 seconds to make it discoverable.


After this, you will see the new remote appears in the Bluetooth section so just press centre button to select it.


Now you will see the notification appears your Remote Successfully Paired.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have you read the complete guide but still have some doubts that you want to us? If yes then this faq list may help you with this as many people are asking these questions again and again.

I hope you will also get your answer here but if it doesn’t help don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

Firestick Remote Won’t Pair?

If the remote doesn’t pair with firestick then there could be several reasons for this like you are too far from the device it works best in the 10-feets distance. Another reason could be the hindrance of some other objects or the batteries are damaged.

To learn how to fix this problem just check out this guide: Firestick Remote Not Working Easiest Solutions

Can I Unpair Firestick Remote?

Yes, we can unpair remote from Firestick as some people don’t want to use it because they prefer a mobile app over the physical remote. To unpair remote just follow given steps:

Open Settings from Home Screen > Go to Controllers & Bluetooth Devices > Hover to the Remote that is paired > Now press and hold Menu + Back + Home button for 20 seconds.

Now the remote will be unpaired automatically and it will be removed from the list as well.

Can We Pair Firestick With Alexa Voice Command?

No, we cannot pair any remote using Alexa voice command because it requires to press and hold the Home button for a couple of seconds. However, Alexa is not capable to do this that’s why we have to do it by ourselves manually.


After following the above steps I am 100% sure you successfully learn how to pair Firestick remote. Above are the only possible methods that help a user to connect their remote control with FireTV. However, if it doesn’t work then there could be a chance that remote is not working properly.

Because I tried all these methods before writing here and found them working this is why I am sharing it here. The best part is using a remote application because it saves us from many things like we cannot be lost it, we can save batteries usage also pairing is quite easy.

If you have any other methods that can help our visitors please feel free to share it here your comments are appreciated.

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