How to Install & Use Real-Debrid on Kodi /FireStick [2020]


No doubt Kodi is the best media player for Firestick users but it also has a big drawback as the streaming links are too slow. But with the real-debrid integration, we can easily get premium links to stream or download faster than before.

In today’s article, I am going to share with you complete step by step guide on how to install & to use Real-Debrid on Kodi Leia 18.5 or Kodi 17.6 Krypton. Even though in bonus I will also share the integration with other streaming applications.

Make sure to stick with this guide till the end to you don’t miss any type of important information.

What is Real-Debrid

This is the question that many new Kodi users asked so basically Real-Debrid is multi hoster company that provides users with fastest streaming links. It is a premium service that is also known as Unlimited Downloader because they have premium links with no restriction.

In simple words whenever a user play any type of movie from Kodi (or other apps) the app starts scrapping links from various sources.

These links are basically free and that is the reason why they cause buffering issues and sometimes server time out issues. But after using Real-Debrid a user will get premium links that offer unlimited and faster Straming as well as downloading.

However, this is not an addon but just a service that scraps premium links so we cannot directly install it but we have to integrate with our Addons. Thankfully it supports various major addons that include Exodus Redux, Covenant. Other than this it also supports third-party application like Cinema HD, BeeTV, CatMouse and various others.

How To Install Real-Debrid on Kodi Addons


To install Real-Debrid it is recommended to have a universal URL resolver addon installed. It is provided by many Addons but my favourite is Exodus Redux and The Magic Dragon. Install Exodus Redux On Kodi

I have tested on these Addons but if you have any other than this just check out if they also have URL resolver.

Now follow the below steps to install real-debrid on Kodi:

1. Launch Kodi on Firestick and from Home Screen click on Settings located near Power Button.


2. Now from here click on System Settings.


3. At this time click Export (located left-hand side below) and toggle it to Advanced.


4. Now from left-side click on Addons and then click Manage Dependencies


5. It will show you the list of all Addons and their extensions installed so from here scroll down and select Universal URL Resolver or ResolveURL in some cases.


6. After this click on the Configure button.


7. From right-side panel choose Universal Resolvers and then scroll down to Real-Debrid Section.


8. At this time click on Priority


9. change the value from 100 to 90 and then click Done.


10. After settings value now just click Ok


11. then again click on the Configure button.


12. Now go back to the same section Universal Solver > Real-Debrid and now click on Re-Authorize My Account.


13. Here you see a prompt window with code now write down this code because we cannot copy or paste it.


Note: You need to be fast as the code will expire in 120 seconds if you took longer than this you have to follow the same process again.

14. From your PC or mobile phone open and then type the code you see on your TV screen and then click Continue.


15. If the account is not signed in yet first make sure to sign in and then you can access this URL however without this you won’t be able to authorize the account.


16. After inserting the code you will see a success message saying “Application allowed, you can close this page”. Now you are done with it so simply close this window because the authorization is successful.


17. For more confirmation, you can see Resolver Authorized notification appears on the top on right-side.


Now we are done with this so check if there is URLRsolver in this list available or not. If it is available then follow all the above steps to authorize it as well. Because in this way we can integrate it with every addon as all these use different URL scrappers.

How To Install Real-Debrid on Third-Party Apps

As we have successfully integrated Real-Debrid with Kodi Addon but still some people use third-party apps for streaming. That’s why it is also recommended to integrate it with these apps as well so you can get quality and fast streaming links.

In this guide, we are using Cinema HD but steps are the same for every app so just check out below:

Launch the app that you want to integrate Real-Debrid with (in my case it is Cinema HD).

  1.  After this just go to Settings from 3 horizontal line menu or 3 dot menu in some apps.
  2. Scroll down until you find Real Debrid section so from here click on Log in to Real-Debrid.
  3.  it will show you a screen with a code so keep this code in mind as we require this in the next step.
  4. Open using a phone or computer. Now just type the code that you see on the screen and click Continue.

Go back to the menu and here you can see Real-Debrid Authorized under Real Debrid section.

The Real Debrid is now successfully integrated into Cinema HD as well and by following these same steps you can install it on as many apps as you want.

How To Use Real Debrid

After installing Real Debrid on both Addons as well as on 3rd-party application you may be wondering how to use it? Well! it’s not that difficult because this is not an application but just a service that is automatically enabled in our desired app.

Since all addons have the feature to already enable it but in some cases, Addons that not are famous may not activate it so for this you have to enable it manually.

To do this just open Settings or Tools from your desired addon and then check for Real-Debrid. If the links from Real Debrid enabled then leave as it is but if the option is unchecked then select it and save changes.

Other than this you need to search for your favourite movie in the search box or choose any movie from the list. The addons will then start searching for links from the internet however here you can see the difference links appears. In this list, you just need to click on the links that contain RD in it because these are from Real-Debrid.

After selecting the video or TV show will start streaming and you now know how to use real-debrid. In this manner always choose a link that contains RD in it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have you read the guide but still have some doubts in your mind? If yes then reading this faq list will surely help you as these are the questions that many people are asking on the internet.

After this, I am sure you get your answer. But if this doesn’t worm then feel free to ask in the comment section as I would love to help you out.

Is Real-Debrid  Free?

No, real-debrid is a premium multi hoster that provides quality as fast links from google. They also offer a free trial and also with their affiliate program you can get 3 days premium by referring to one friend.

Should I use a VPN with real Debrid?

Yes, of course, we need a VPN with Real-Debrid because this hoster doesn’t have their own content but it scrapes from various websites that should be illegal. That’s why it is recommended to always use the best VPN service to avoid tracking.

How Do I know that real-debrid is installed in Kodi?

When Real-Debrid is integrated into Addon you will see the notification on the top right-hand side. However, for applications, it can be easily seen under Real-Debrid section. Other than this just open any movie and check if it has RD named links or not.

What Type of Files You Can download with real-debrid?

With Real-Debrid we can download almost everything that we want for example a movie, Web-Series, or even torrent file. It is best known for downloading torrent files in fast speed but nowadays it is mostly used to stream content on Firestick.


No doubt Kodi is the best streaming media player ever but the addons are not useful unless you install Real-Debrid. Because without them we get links that are too slow and they keep buffers while playing our favourite movie.

But after reading this amazing guide I hope you understand how to install & use Real-Debrid on Kodi and even on Firestick apps.

If you are having any issue with any step don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section or by directly using the Contact us page.

However, if you know any other step other than this please make sure to share it with us so others can get benefit from it.

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