How To Update Kodi 18.8 Latest Version On Firestick [2020]


Have you just received the notification of the Kodi latest version? But don’t know how to update Kodi on Firestick?

If yes then you are at the right place because in today’s guide I am going to show you the proper method to upgrade your Kodi version to the latest 18.8 Leia.

Don’t be afraid about the Addons you installed on this device because the method which I show you will work perfectly fine. And even though it doesn’t require the uninstallation which means your Addons will remain safe. What else we need?

Why Upgrade Kodi On Firestick?


This is the question which most people ask that they should upgrade their Kodi build to the latest version. So, the simple answer is that with the new version the developers bring more advanced features.

Even though they fix some major bugs that came in the older versions. Also, sometimes they change the layout to a completely new look and perfect from the older version.

Even there comes the compatibility issue as well. This means that when you keep using the old version of Kodi you won’t be able to run the latest Addons in it.

Because these newly released Addons are based on the Updated version of this device. This is the reason why everyone should upgrade this device to get some advanced level features and bug-free experience.

Check Installed Kodi Version

Before we move to our main topic we first need to check which version we are using currently Because most of the time people keep apps on auto-update and they get confused about what actual version they are using. So, it is very necessary to check the installed Kodi version before trying to Update Kodi.

Here are the steps we need to follow to find the current install version:

First of all, we need to turn on our TV and connect the FireStick with it, and then you will see the Home Screen.


Now from here just hove above and then click on Settings from above Menu. And here you see all the available Settings so using Remote button select Application from there.


From here you will see two more options 1. Play Store and 2. Manage Installed Apps. Now click on the Manage Installed Apps and you will see all the apps that are installed on Fire Stick.


After this keep moving down until you find the Kodi and then press the Centre Button in your Remote Control.

Here you can clearly see the information on this application like Version, App Size, Storage and so on.


Now just note that version if it is 18.5 then you already have an updated version but if it is 17.4 or other then you have to update it.

So, if you have an older version then don’t worry because below is the complete guide that will help you to upgrade to the latest build.

How To Update Kodi On Firestick

To upgrade the Kodi application we are required a few things. The first thing we require is to allow the installation of Unknown Source and the second thing is required to have a Downloader application that will help us to get the new version.

Let's Start
Ok, so first I will show you the way to enable the installation of an Unknown source.

Step #1: Enable Apps From Unknown Source

From the Home Screen of the Fire TV just hover above and Open Settings.


After this using the Remote Buttons scroll right-side and open My Fire TV.


In this menu, you will find many other options so just hover down and click on Developer Options.


Again you will see two more options so here at this time, you need to click on Apps From Unknown Sources.


This will show you some message so just ignore it and click Turn On, and we are done with the very first step.


Now as we have enabled the installation from third-party developers we are ready to move another step that is Download Downloader apk. Below is the guide for this which you can follow.

Step #2: Download the Downloader on FireStick

Downloader is the free tool that is used to sideload third-party applications on our Fire Stick. Because there are many apps that are not available on the Amazon App Store (including Kodi). Sometimes before there was no issue in upgrading this app because we can directly do this using the App Store.

But now as they have removed from there we then required this third-party Downloader App which helps us to sideload these applications. Now just follow these below steps to easily install the Downloader APK on your Fire Stick device.

1. Close any other application if you are running in the background and open Home Screen.


2. From the Home, Screen hovers above to search box or the Magnifying Glass icon.

3. Here in this box, you need to type Downloader by using the virtual keyboard and then click Ok to search it.


4. It will show you many results related to this term so just click on that Orange Background logo with Download icon.


5. After this click on Download (You Owned it) and then wait for some time until this application downloads complete.


6. When the application is downloaded successfully then you see the Download button is replaced with Open so just click on it to Open Downloader on FireStick.


That’s it the Downloader is also installed on our device so it will show you some updated version notification and new feature reminder than just click the Ok. Now here it is we are ready to move to our very last step that is Update Kodi on FireStick.

Step#3: Download Latest Kodi Version Using Downloader

So, here is the last guide that will show you the proper way of downloading and installing the Kodi new version. Ok, so without wasting any time let’s check out the step by step guide below.

1. Before we start we have to set up something in our Downloader app. So, open the app and then from the left-side menu click on Settings.


2. Now from here, we need to tick the Allow JavaScript Support. When you check this box it will give you a pop-up warning message just ignore it and press OK.


3. After enabling JavaScript Support now again from the left-side menu click on the Home menu.


4. Here you see a box with Http:// prefix. Clear this using the virtual keyboard and type this Address in that box:


5. After typing this just click on the Go button under that box. Now wait for some time and then Download will automatically be started.


6. Wait for some time until this application downloaded and after this, it will show you a pop-up menu with three buttons. 1. Install 2. Delete 3. Done, now just simply click on the Install button.


5. It will then open the installation window where you can see the difference between new and old. So just ignore them and click on the Install button below.


6. Wait for some time until the app is installed and then click Open.


That’s it we have now successfully installed the latest version of Kodi on our Fire Stick Device. To check if it is updated or not just open Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Apps > hover down to Kodi.


Voila! We have now the latest version of Kodi which is 18.5 Leia and now you can see the new features and some advanced Addons as well. Even though we have already installed our old Addons as well.

After Kodi Installed Must Protect Firestick Privacy with VPN

Since we are using third-party tools on our FireStick it is highly recommended to install a Virtual Private Network in a short VPN.

Because these 3rd-party apps may collect your data or find the location and so on. This is why most of the users use the VPN service. So, here are the steps that can be followed to install NordVPN on our Fire Stick.

If you wanted to try another VPN then here is the list of Best VPNs for Fire Stick

  • Open FireTV and form the Home Screen hover above and click the Search Box.
  • In this search box type NordVPN and hit Ok. Here you see the application is available on the Store so just click on the Download Button.
  • Just wait for some time until this application downloaded in Fire Stick and then click on the Open button.
  • This will open the NordVPN and here you will be asked to enter login detail or to sign up. So, just click on sign in (if you already bought its premium plan).
  • Here you need to enter that email and password you used to buy this VPN and then hit Sign in.
  • You will then see your account is successfully logged in so now choose any server with less ping and connect with it.

That’s it we have now successfully secured our FireStick with a Virtual Network. Now no one can even access our data nor they can find the location. Our privacy is secure now so just enjoy these third-party applications without any tension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read my whole guide? But still, have some questions that you are trying to ask? Well, don’t worry because here is the list of some most asked questions that can clear these doubts from your mind.

In case if this doesn’t work or you didn’t find it helpful. Make sure to comment down below as I will try my best to answer that question and help you with the problem you are facing.

Q1) Can I Update Kodi From Amazon App Store?

No, you cannot update Kodi for Fire Stick from the Amazon Store. It is because they have removed it from their Store and claimed it violates their policy. In this case, we can update it by using the method that I mentioned above.

Q2) Which Is The Latest Version Of Kodi?

The latest version of Kodi is 18.8 and the developer named this build as Leia. They also made other builds like v17 named Krypton. While the v16 is called Jarvis.

Q3) Is Using Latest Kodi Version Safe?

Yes, of course, Kodi is 100% safe and secure to use. It is used by many people and no one has ever complained about anything. Even though to become tension free you can use NordVPN to protect your privacy or data.

Q4) Should I Still Use Kodi Old Version in 2020?

Yes, you should use Kodi old version if you want free entertainment on Fire Stick. Because it provides you with many Addons to Stream Movies, Live TV Channels, Music, and many more.

Q5) Can I use Kodi on Windows 10?

Of course, Kodi is available for Multiple Platforms. You can easily run this application on Windows 10. Even we can use it on macOS, Android, and on iOS devices totally free of cost.


No doubt that Kodi is the best application to watch unlimited TV shows, Live Channels, Movies, and other entertainment on our Fire Stick Device.

But most people are facing problems at the time of upgrade so this is why I have written this guide. After reading it everyone who is looking for How To Update Kodi On Firestick can easily get the latest version.

So, I hope you surely loved my work and my effort as I am doing this just to help out other people. This is the only possible and easiest guide that can be used to upgrade.

If you still have any doubts then make sure to check my FAQ list. Because I have written the most asked questions with their answer their so go above and check this out.

Also, if you are facing Cannot Install App from Unknown Source then I already mentioned this above. Go and check this as well and don’t forget to read our guide to check which version of Kodi you are using.

At last, make sure to share my efforts with more people because share is care. And this is the thing that encourages me to bring more cool stuff and tips for you.

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